Blocked drain in West Wickham

Our team of professionals at BN Drainage are here to resolve your blocked drain in West Wickham. Once you notice that your drains have become blocked, you may be worried about the build up of water and the effect this can have on your property. Our experts can get to work in no time and provide a suitable solution to unblock your drains and avoid any further disruption. Our drainage specialists have visited properties across West Wickham and removed these blockages. Customers on Oaklands Avenue and Kingsway have had their drains successfully unblocked by our team. Allow us to resolve your kitchen or bathroom blockage as soon as possible by calling 0800 999 1769.

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If you think there may be an issue with your drains at your property in West Wickham, call our team of experts to come and take a look. We will carry out a full inspection and clear any potential issues before they develop further. Call us today on 0800 999 1769 or email to book a service.

High-quality drainage solutions

We offer versatile drainage solutions that can correct any problem that your drains may be suffering from at your West Wickham property. We can carry out unblocking, maintenance or repairs to your drainpipes depending on what our team determine is the best course of action. Our trained experts can work at domestic or commercial properties, performing emergency repairs or maintenance as is required. Take a look at our services:


Unblocking drains

Water building up around your drains is a clear indicator that there may be a blockage. Our team can examine the drain to find the cause of the blockage wherever it may be and unblock your pipes so that water can once again flow as normal.


Repairs and maintenance

Allow our expert repairs and maintenance to ensure that your domestic or commercial drainage system is functioning at 100%. We can fit any replacement pipes or install drain lining as necessary to reduce the chance of any leaks or blockages. Our thorough maintenance process means your drainage system will continue to function effectively.


Grease traps

All owners of commercial food premises must have a grease trap installed to their drains, or they could be at risk of a fine. Our team are experts in installation of grease traps, as well as maintenance and repairs, so you can be sure that your business is following all regulations.



Our drainage services also cover commercial premises. We can visit your West Wickham business and get to the bottom of your drainage issue, regardless of the size of your property. We are experienced at working on commercial sites, and all of our team are fully DBS checked. We will get your drains sorted in no time.


Rodent prevention

The presence of rodents in your drainpipes can cause serious issues. Blockages can occur easily with rats roaming your drains. Once these pests have been removed, it is worth installing rat gates to your drains. This allows rats to escape but not enter your drains and can prevent the disruption they cause.


Gutter clearance

The GutterVax technology that we have available to us means we can clear gutters more effectively. We can reach up to four stories to remove these blockages.

CCTV survey

CCTV survey

Our team can carry out a CCTV survey to get an in-depth look at your drainage systems before we get started. We will jet wish your pipes then utilise our camera equipment to identify areas of potential blockage. After completion of the survey, we provide you with a report then video footage within 48 hours. We also offer homebuyer drain surveys if you are looking at moving house and want to assess their condition.

Drain clearance in West Wickham

Our experts possess the knowledge and expertise to carry out professional drain clearance in West Wickham. We work hard to make sure that the headache of blocked drains is resolved quickly. A multitude of issues can cause blocked drains for your property, whether this be tree roots or general debris. Our engineers work tirelessly to prevent your home from being disrupted by this problem.

in West Wickham

If you require experts to resolve a blockage at your home or business in West Wickham, speak to us at BN Drainage. Our team can quickly find the faults with your drainage and work to repair them swiftly and comprehensively. Whether it’s a toilet, sink or shower issue, we work quickly to get to the bottom of it and keep your drains running smoothly.


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Speak to our team today regarding drain unblocking services for your West Wickham property. Call us now on 0800 999 1769 or email to get booked in.