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Drain services

Here at BN Drainage, we provide expert drainage services throughout Bromley and the surrounding areas. If you have an issue with your drainage system that needs to be resolved, get in touch and we will work hard to deliver the best possible outcome. We take the pressure off your shoulders and complete any work that needs doing so you’ll have complete peace of mind. No matter how big or small the task at hand is, we are the team to trust for a drainage solution that will exceed expectations.


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Our high-quality drain services are efficient and effective. You can speak to an expert straight away to address the problem. Give us a call on 0800 999 1769 or email info@bndrainageltd.com and we’ll respond swiftly to talk about your needs.


Drainage solutions

If you require high-quality drainage services, look no further than BN Drainage. Our outstanding team of engineers will work hard to get your drainage system in top condition, efficiently completing any work that needs to be carried out. Take a look at the services we offer:

Blocked drains

We can unblock any drains, no matter the size or severity of the blockage. Our reliable equipment and methods will enable us to clear your drainpipes efficiently. We have a team of talented engineers who are readily available to provide you with an expert drain unblocking service.

Blocked sinks and basins

If your sink or basin is taking longer than usual to drain, we can help. You can count on our engineers to determine where the blockage is and carefully unblock your pipes. Trust the experts and look forward to enjoying a fully functional sink again.

Blocked showers

Nobody wants water to overflow onto their bathroom floor while they are using their shower. We are specialists when it comes to unblocking showers, so you can rest assured that we will provide an effective solution. We will locate and remove the build-up in your pipes, eliminating any frustration.

CCTV surveys

Our CCTV surveys are highly effective, providing a full insight into what is going on inside your pipework. They are ideal for locating damage, blockages, or pests. Our expert engineers can carry out a thorough CCTV survey at your property to find out exactly what is wrong with your drainage system.

Drain repairs

If any component of your drainage system has become damaged, we have the expertise to determine the issue quickly and resolve it professionally. Our expert repair services will ensure your drains are back up and running as soon as possible, returning everything to normal.

Drain lining

Drain lining is the ideal solution for anyone with damaged drainpipes. Our expert engineers will visit your property to provide this convenient, no-dig solution that returns your drainage system to normal. If you need cost-effective drainage repairs, look no further than our drain lining experts.

Drain maintenance

If you need a drain maintenance service, turn to our specialists. We provide one-off, pre-planned, and ongoing drainage maintenance services so you can enjoy total peace of mind about the state of your pipes. Trust our specialist engineers to keep your drainage system in top condition.

Grease traps

Are you the owner of a commercial hot food premises? If so, we can help ensure that your business is in line with grease trap regulations. Whether you need a grease trap installed, repaired, or maintained, we will provide a service that ticks all the boxes. We can even do the same for dosing units as well.

High pressure water jetting

When drain clearance or maintenance is needed, our high-pressure jet washer ensures we can meet any requirement. This state-of-the-art equipment can clear any blockage effectively, and our qualified staff have the skills and expertise to achieve the best possible results.

Root removal

If a tree root has found a way into your drainpipes through a small crack, this can cause a blockage or a leak. Call our team and we will take any pressure off your shoulders. You will be able to sit back and relax while we cut the root out of your drainage system and carry out any repair work that is needed.

Rodent prevention

Rats can end up in your drainpipes through no fault of your own. We appreciate that this can be unnerving, which is why we can address the problem by installing specialised rat gates that stop rodents entering your drainage system but allow any that already inside to leave.

Pre-buy drainage survey

When the time comes to purchase a new property, you need to ensure the drainage system is in a good condition. Our engineers can carry out a comprehensive pre-buy drainage survey before you make an offer, making sure that you won’t have to face any avoidable repair costs in the future.


We provide high-quality drainage services at any commercial site. Our specialist engineers are hardworking, adaptable, and have a reputation for excellent service. No matter the use of your site, we can meet all of your drainage requirements.

Emergency repairs

Whenever you need us, we’ll be there. Get in touch for emergency repair services and we’ll be with you in just a few hours. We care about resolving our customer’s drainage emergencies as quickly as possible. Choose BN Drainage for the efficient emergency drain repairs you deserve.

Gutter clearance

Are your gutters clogged by a build-up of debris? We have specialist technology that enables us to clear gutters up to four stories high. After we have cleared your guttering, you can rest assured that water will be able to drain away freely and there’ll be no risk of overflows.

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Do you require professional drain services? Look no further than our specialist engineers. We will provide you with the high-quality solution you need. Get in touch by calling 0800 999 1769 or email info@bndrainageltd.com and we’ll discuss your requirements.