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Blocked sinks

Is the water in your sink or basin overflowing or taking longer than usual to go down the drain? If so, the likelihood is that there is a blockage preventing the unwanted water from flowing freely down the drain. When you choose BN Drainage to clear your blockage, you can rest assured you will receive a lasting solution that directly addresses the problem. Our expert engineers are highly experienced and have the knowledge required to unblock your sink or basin efficiently. Arrange a callout by speaking to our team on 0800 999 1769.


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We are specialists when it comes to unblocking sinks and basins. Our engineers will arrive promptly to ensure your bathroom or kitchen sink returns to normal. Give us a call on 0800 999 1769 or email info@bndrainageltd.com to tell us about your requirements.


What can cause a sink blockage?

If you know why your sink might have become blocked, it can greatly help our technicians find a solution. While it’s not always pleasant to think about, knowing the common causes will aid us in rectifying the issue efficiently. Take a look at a few of the reasons why your sink may be blocked:


Any grease or fat that finds its way into your sink while you are cooking will solidify quickly in your drainage pipes and create a blockage. Be careful when you are disposing of any grease or fat after you have finished cooking and don’t pour it down the sink to prevent blockage.

Soap and chemicals

Consider which soap and chemicals you use. Some mineral deposits combine with certain soaps or chemical products to create thick scum that can block drainpipes. If you notice your sink is becoming blocked regularly, be mindful of the products you are using and perhaps think about changing them.


Are there any instances where dirt ends up going down the drain in your sink or basin, perhaps while you are watering a plant or washing your hands after gardening? If so, it could build up and lead to your drainage pipes becoming blocked. Avoid putting dirt in your sink to prevent this issue.


If you shave or cut your hair in the bathroom and allow it to disappear into your basin, it is likely to clog and create a blockage. There may also be hairs going down the drain without you noticing that are contributing to your drainage pipes clogging. Try not to put any hair into your sinks or basins.

Blocked external drains

A blocked external drain could be preventing your sink from draining effectively. If this is the case, one of our engineers can come and check over the pipework. Our professional staff know how to identify the cause of any drain blockage, so you can rely on them to resolve your problem.

Unblocking your sink in
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You only notice how often you use the sinks in your property once they are out of action. We appreciate how frustrating it can be to have blocked sinks that are unable to drain water effectively. That’s why we offer a reliable unblocking service to ensure your home is in full working order. Don’t hesitate and allow the situation to get even worse – call BN Drainage and look forward to having your drainpipes cleared by our specialist sink drain cleaners.

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Are you in need of a professional team to unblock a sink or basin at your property? If so, BN Drainage is the company for you. We will ensure that all your needs are met, and your drainage system is functioning properly. Get in touch by calling 0800 999 1769 or emailing info@bndrainageltd.com.