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Our high-quality drain lining in Bromley will make your damaged drainpipes as good as new. If one of the pipes in your drainage system is leaking, drain lining is a highly effective non-dig technology that minimises disruption. Fitting this specialised lining within your damaged drainpipe will return it to a full working condition without any need for a full replacement. Our experienced engineers are extremely skilful when it comes to lining drains, so you can count on them to deliver an exceptional result at your property. Call 0800 999 1769 to speak to our team.


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Drain lining is both cost-effective and practical. Trust our expert engineers to meet all your Bromley property’s needs. Call us on 0800 999 1769 or email to arrange a callout.


How does drain lining work?

Installing drain lining is essentially the same as fitting a fresh pipe within your existing drainpipe. Our team have perfected the process. They will jet wash the pipework to clear any built-up debris before carrying out a CCTV survey to establish how much lining will be required. They will then carefully feed a liner through the drainpipe and inflate this in place to secure it against the existing surface. This liner is coated in resin and will cure and harden, acting as the new surface of the drainpipe. With the lining in place, another CCTV survey will be completed to ensure the damaged area has been fully covered.

What are the benefits of drain lining?

When there is a crack in your drainage pipes, you need to take action as soon as possible to avoid leaks or blockages. In many cases, drain lining is the ideal solution for repairing a damaged drainpipe, producing a high-quality result with the least amount of disruption.

Avoids a full replacement

If your drainpipes are cracked and leaking, the only realistic alternative to lining the drain is replacing it with a fresh pipe. While we can replace pipework, the process involves groundworks and can be quite noisy. Opting for drain lining means you can receive a high-quality fix without the need for excavation. As a result, you won’t have to experience anywhere near as much disruption.

Prevents issues with tree roots

Drain lining is an excellent way to prevent tree roots penetrating the pipework. Tree roots can grow through any cracks or breaks in the surface of the pipe, obstructing the flow of wastewater. Once these roots have been cut away, lining the drain will cover any damaged areas, producing a fresh internal surface for the pipe. This acts as a barrier against tree roots, making drain lining an excellent preventative measure that could mean you avoid costly repair work in the future.

Offers excellent value

Having drain lining installed at your property is a cost-effective way to get your drainage system back in working order. Rather than paying for a full replacement and dealing with the impact of the installation process, you can invest in drain lining to address the issue. As a non-dig technology, lining avoids the need to pay for any groundworks.

Provides lasting results

Drain lining is durable and reliable, so you can trust it will provide a lasting solution when installed in your drainage system. The new surface on the inside of your drainpipes will be smoother, improving the flow of wastewater and reducing the risk of any build-up causing a blockage. It provides peace of mind that future issues are far less likely to occur.

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If your pipework is damaged, drain lining is the perfect solution. Give us a call on 0800 999 1769 or email for a quick response from our team. Let us provide the high-quality repairs you require.