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Drain root removal

If you notice that water is draining slowly from your home then there is a chance roots are blocking your drainage pipes, especially if your property is surrounded by many trees. Here at BN Drainage, we are experts when it comes to restoring drainage pipes to a fully functional condition. Our team of specialists will work hard to find the cause of the issue and rectify it expertly. We have specialist root cutting equipment that enables us to remove any roots from your drainage pipes and allows your unwanted water to flow freely. To get started, call 0800 999 1769.

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If a tree root has entered your drainpipes and is creating a blockage, our expert engineers can address the problem and clear the drain. Give us a call on 0800 999 1769 or email and we will respond swiftly to schedule you in.


Roots in drains – What are the issues?

When a tree root finds a way into your drainage pipes, it can cause a complete blockage. Roots often surround drainage pipes without causing any issues. However, if there are any small cracks in your drainpipes, these roots can get inside and continue growing. As the root expands, it can block water from flowing freely through the pipe. Our expert engineers can come and inspect your drainage system with a CCTV survey to determine whether there are any roots that have entered your pipes. Once we have located any tree roots in your pipes, we will cut these away and complete all the necessary repair work to ensure your pipes return to their normal functionality as soon as possible.

An efficient response to drain root enquiries

When roots have entered the drainpipes at your residential or commercial property, it can be a significant problem. There can be a number of negative effects, such as damage to the pipe, flooding, and sewage backing up into your home. Our team understands the importance of taking fast action. We will make sure there are no roots in your drainage system, and any damage that has been caused is fully repaired. Our reliable engineers will work quickly to address the issue. We have specialist root cutting equipment and technology to remove any tree roots from your pipes. You will be able to sit back and forget about the situation, allowing us to finish our work efficiently and totally put your mind at ease with a lasting solution.

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Are there tree roots in your drain? Our removal service is the ideal solution and will get your drainpipes flowing freely again. You can rely on us to repair your drainage system professionally. Call us on 0800 999 1769 or email and we will get back to you promptly to discuss your requirements.