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High pressure water jetting in Bromley

Our high-pressure water jetting service is ideal for clearing blocked drains, gullies, manholes, and stacks. If we have unsuccessfully attempted to clear the blockage with rods, we can trust that a water jet will do the trick. Our qualified staff will use high-quality water jets to thoroughly clear any blockage. There is not much that jets can’t clear underground, whether it be fat, roots, grease, or tissue build up. Our drainage water jet goes up to 4,000 psi, so it is designed to be able to shift even the most difficult blockages within Bromley drains.


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If your drainage system needs to be unblocked or maintained, our high-pressure jet washing service is the perfect solution. We will thoroughly jet wash your pipes to ensure wastewater can flow away freely. Call us on 0800 999 1769 or email and we will arrange a jet-washing service that fulfils your requirements.


How can our high pressure water jetting service help?

Our experienced engineers are fully trained to use our water jet and have plenty of knowledge, using it on jobs of all sizes. They have all received a card from the Water Jetting Association to show they have completed the necessary training and are qualified to handle the jetting machinery. Take a look at a few of the jobs that our drainage water jetting service is ideal for:


You need to make sure your drains are unblocked to ensure unwanted water and waste liquids can flow away freely. When your drains are blocked and you are unable to clear them, it can be incredibly frustrating. This can lead to several issues that may result in costly repairs, such as leaking or flooding. Our team can be relied on to provide a high-pressure water jetting service that clears the blockage and returns your drains to a fully functional state.


Any gully in your property needs to be unblocked so it can connect wastewater or rainwater outlets to suitable drains effectively. If there is a blockage in your gully, it may cause flooding that damages the drainage system and could result in avoidable maintenance costs. You can count on us to clear any robust blockages with our high-pressure water jet and get your gully back to its best.


Drainage manholes are an important part of facilitating access to drains for inspections and maintenance. However, they are also important as they can join, change the direction of, and ventilate sewers. That is why it can be a problem if they become blocked. We can clear the blockage in your manhole with our high-pressure water jet.


Drainage stacks drain wastewater from each floor of a building into a sewer. For this process to work effectively, it is imperative that the stacks aren’t blocked. Our high-pressure jetting service will ensure your drainage stacks are clear of any blockages and can drain all your unwanted water effectively.

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When your drainpipes need to be unblocked or maintained, it is important you call on the services of a trusted company. We have proven we can be relied on to provide a high-quality service that completely cleans your drainage system. You need to know your drainage system will be jet washed by experienced professionals. When the time comes to clean your pipes, look no further than BN Drainage. Our outstanding engineers are fully qualified to use our water jet and are ready to address your drainage issue.

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Our high-pressure water jetting service is ideal for anyone who has a blockage in their drainage system. We have a team of qualified engineers who can clear any built-up debris. Give us a call on 0800 999 1769 or email and we’ll get back to you to learn more about your requirements.