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Homebuyer’s drain survey

We believe that nobody should commit to purchasing a property without first receiving a drain homebuyer’s report. Without a pre-buy drainage survey having taken place, you will be unaware if there are any problems with the drainage system at the property. Our specialist engineers can perform a thorough inspection of the drains before you make any final decisions, and they will also give you any expert advice they feel is relevant. Trust us to carry out a pre-buy drainage survey and potentially save yourself thousands of pounds on avoidable repair costs.

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Arrange a pre-buy survey

If you are in the process of buying a property, it is important to consider a pre-buy drainage survey. This simple measure can potentially save you money on future repair costs. Give us a call on 0800 999 1769 or email to schedule a survey at the property you are interested in.


What is a pre-purchase drain survey?

Are you in the process of purchasing a new home? If you haven’t had a pre-buy drainage survey carried out, there is a risk there are issues with the property that you cannot see. Should you discover any drainage issues once you have already bought the property, there will be little you can do. You are likely to find yourself paying thousands of pounds on repairs you could have easily avoided. Here at BN Drainage, we carry out comprehensive pre-buy drainage surveys to ensure that homebuyers are not met with any nasty surprises. Your drain home buyer’s report will reveal anything that is a cause for concern in your drainage system, allowing you to take these findings into consideration before making an offer.

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Trust our expert drainage surveyors in Bromley

We are your local drainage experts in Bromley. The specialist team of engineers we have put together has highly adept drainage surveyors, so you can rest assured they will identify any issues with the property you are looking at. It is highly unlikely that anyone will have looked at the drainage system at your new property unless there is an obvious issue, so it is vitally important you call upon our team to give you confidence before making an offer. Our experience in the industry makes us the perfect team to trust with your pre-buy drainage survey. We will be honest and transparent throughout the process, ensuring you are made aware of anything that could potentially be a problem. You can rely on us to provide the clearest possible account of the property’s drainage system.

A drainage report for
mortgage peace of mind

Taking out a mortgage can be a daunting process, and you are likely to find yourself struggling to decide whether it is the right option to take. Homebuyers often don’t consider the condition of the drainage system at the property they are interested in when searching for a new home. However, nobody wants to find out there is an issue with the drains after they have already taken out a mortgage on the property. We can carry out a pre-buy drainage survey to give you peace of mind. If we discover any problems with the drainage system that you didn’t know about, it could save you thousands of pounds on future repairs. This simple step can ensure you sign up to a mortgage with total peace of mind.

A highly efficient service

We understand that everything needs to run according to schedule during a house move, so our efficient pre-buy surveys are ideal. Our team will not waste any time at the property, methodically carrying out every necessary inspection. When you are making a decision as important as whether to purchase a property, you want all the relevant information as soon as you can get it. Once we have performed the CCTV survey and gathered all the information we need, you can expect to receive a report within 24 hours and any footage you require within 48 hours. The efficient and effective pre-buy drainage surveys we offer will give you key context about the home that you are interested in buying, without dragging out the process.

Contact us for a service

We do not want anyone to unknowingly purchase a property with hidden drainage faults. Call us on 0800 999 1769 or email us at to receive the support of our reliable drain survey company.