Blocked drain in Sidcup

At BN Drainage, we understand the frustration and potential damage that blocked drains can cause to your property in Sidcup. As a trusted team of professionals, we are dedicated to swiftly resolving your drainage issues and minimising any further disruption. With our extensive experience in dealing with blocked drains, our experts are well-equipped to tackle kitchen or bathroom blockages effectively.

We have successfully served numerous properties throughout Sidcup, ensuring the removal of stubborn blockages and the restoration of proper drainage flow. When you notice signs of a blocked drain, such as slow draining or unpleasant odours, it’s crucial to act promptly to prevent any potential water build-up or damage to your property.

With a single call to 0800 999 1769, our skilled drainage specialists will be able to provide a suitable solution to your specific drainage needs. Count on our dedicated team to unblock your drains efficiently, allowing you to regain the smooth functioning of your drainage system without delay.

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If you have any concerns regarding your property’s drains in Sidcup, our team of knowledgeable experts is ready to assist you. We specialise in conducting comprehensive inspections to identify and address any potential drain issues promptly. Call us today on 0800 999 1769 or email to book a service.

High-quality drainage solutions

At BN Drainage, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of versatile drainage solutions to address any issues your drains may be experiencing at your property in Sidcup. Our team of trained experts is well-equipped to handle various drainage problems, providing unblocking, maintenance, and repair services tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you require emergency repairs or routine maintenance, our skilled professionals are proficient in working with both domestic and commercial properties. We understand the urgency of drainage issues and are committed to delivering prompt and efficient solutions.


Unblocking drains

Unblocking drains is a vital service aimed at restoring proper drainage flow and preventing potential damage to properties. Whether caused by debris, grease, or other obstructions, professional drain unblocking services efficiently identify and clear blockages, ensuring the smooth functioning of the drainage system.


Repairs and maintenance

Drain repairs and maintenance play a crucial role in ensuring the long-term functionality of a drainage system. Professional services can address issues such as leaks, cracks, or damaged sections, providing effective repairs to prevent further damage and maintain the integrity of the drains. Regular maintenance helps identify potential problems early on, allowing for timely interventions to keep the drainage system in optimal condition.


Grease traps

Commercial grease trap installation and maintenance are essential for preventing the accumulation of grease in the sewage system, which can lead to blockages and costly repairs. These systems effectively trap and separate grease, ensuring that it does not enter the drainage system and cause clogs. Regular maintenance of grease traps is crucial to ensure their proper functioning and prevent any potential disruptions.



Commercial drainage repairs are crucial for maintaining the functionality and integrity of drainage systems in commercial properties. These repairs address issues such as leaks, structural damage, or blockages that can disrupt operations and potentially cause property damage. Prompt and effective commercial drainage repairs help ensure smooth drainage flow and prevent any disruptions or hazards within the commercial environment.


Rodent prevention

Rodent prevention in drains is an important aspect of maintaining a rodent-free property. With the ability to access properties through the drainage system, rodents can pose significant hygiene and safety risks. One effective preventive measure is the installation of one-way gates in drains, which allow water and waste to flow out but prevent rodents from entering, effectively blocking their access points and safeguarding the property.


Gutter clearance

Gutter clearance is an essential service that helps maintain the integrity of your property’s guttering system. With the innovative GutterVax telescopic system, we can efficiently clear gutters up to four stories high without the need for ladders or scaffolding. This technology ensures thorough cleaning, removing debris and blockages, promoting proper water flow, and protecting your property from potential water damage caused by overflowing gutters.

CCTV survey

CCTV survey

CCTV drain surveys are the ideal method for accurately locating and diagnosing issues within drainage systems. These surveys provide detailed video footage that allows for a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the drains. Our company ensures prompt service by delivering the video footage and a comprehensive report within 48 hours, enabling efficient decision-making and targeted solutions for any identified problems.

Drain clearance in Sidcup

Experience professional drain clearance services in Sidcup with our knowledgeable and skilled experts. We understand the frustrations caused by blocked drains and strive to swiftly resolve the issue. Whether it’s tree roots or general debris causing the blockage, our dedicated engineers work tirelessly to minimise disruption to your home and restore the smooth flow of your drainage system.

in Sidcup

When it comes to drainage services in Sidcup, look no further than BN Drainage. Our team of experts specialises in promptly resolving blockages at both residential and commercial properties. With a keen eye for identifying faults in drainage systems, we efficiently and comprehensively repair any issues that arise. Whether it’s a toilet, sink, or shower problem, we work swiftly to investigate and ensure the smooth operation of your drains. Trust us to keep your drainage system running flawlessly.


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