Blocked drain in London

Blocked drains can be a major source of disruption for your London property. Whether water is taking longer than it should to drain away or a critical amenity like a sink or toilet is completely out of action, we’ll provide the professional response that you require. Our expert engineers are prepared to address a wide range of issues related to blocked drains and will ensure that your property is restored to full functionality at the earliest possible opportunity.

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If you need professional assistance from our drainage engineers, get in touch. Simply call 0800 999 1769 or email to discuss your requirements with a member of our team and arrange a maintenance visit.

High-quality drainage solutions

As expert drainage engineers, we can unblock, repair, or maintain your drains, so that they can continue performing their vital function. Whether you’re proactively planning in maintenance or you’re in need of a one-off emergency callout, we’ll be happy to lend an expert helping hand. Some of the drainage services we offer in London include:


Unblocking drains

We’ll unblock your pipework, allowing your drains to function as intended. Our team have the expertise and equipment to clear blockages from any location, including hard to reach areas. As a result, you can rely on us to meet your requirements.


Repairs and maintenance

We can repair and maintain drainage systems of all sizes. This includes for commercial properties as well as domestic ones. Our team can handle everything from pipe replacements to no-dig solutions such as drain lining. We will find and fix root cause of the issue.


Grease traps

Fats from commercial restaurants can cause big problems for the drain network. For this reason, a grease trap is a must-have. We can install, maintain, or repair these, making sure that all the relevant regulations are followed and sparing you from receiving a fine.



Commercial drains in London are often subjected to high demand and issues can be highly disruptive. We understand how to minimise any inconvenience for staff or visitors. Plus, because our team are DBS checked you can feel comfortable whilst we’re working on site.


Rodent prevention

The drains beneath your London property can provide an appealing entry point for rodents. If we identify any signs that this is the case, we can repair cracks that allow rats to access the pipework and can install one-way rat gates so they can’t enter the property, only leave.


Gutter clearance

Blocked gutters can quickly lead to drain problems, with debris preventing wastewater from flowing away unimpeded. We use GutterVax to clear gutters without needing to work at height – this equipment can reach up to four stories. This limits risk and ensures quick results.

CCTV survey

CCTV survey

Having a professional CCTV survey can identify the cause of any issues within your drains. You’ll be given a report of the findings on the day, followed by the video footage within 48 hours. Plus, if you’re purchasing a property you can turn to us for a homebuyer drain survey, making sure you’re fully informed.

Drain clearance in London

Even if your drain isn’t currently blocked, there are faults such as invasive tree roots that can cause issues in the future. These enter through cracks and cause damage as they grow and expand. Plus, by creating an obstruction in the pipe, they trap debris and lead to blockages. If we identify that this is happening to your drains, we can use specialist equipment to cut away the affected area and flush it clean. Then, if the surface of the pipe is damaged, it can be relined and brought up to the required standard.

in London

With years of experience to draw on, you can rely on BN Drainage to help with all your drainage requirements in London. This extends beyond drain blockages; we can help with your toilet, sink, shower, or any other appliance too. If you need professional assistance, reach out to our team and receive our advice on the best course of action to take. We’ll ensure you receive an effective repair.


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With our tried-and-tested drain unblocking services, we’re the team you need to take care of all your drainage requirements. No matter where you happen to be based in London, call 0800 999 1769 or email and we will get back to you promptly to talk through your requirements.