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CCTV/Camera Surveys and Reports

Recurring blockages can occur in drainage systems due to defects or damage in the line that you cannot see or reach. Structural damage can affect properties where underground drainage has been damaged or become defective.

A recurring blockage can cost you and/or your business money on a regular basis as you have to continually clear the blockage or lead to an even bigger bill due to subsidence issues or other defects around your property.

A CCTV drainage survey, also known as a CCTV drain inspection, is when a small drain camera is pushed through a drain, pipe or sewer to locate the root of a blockage or damage in your drainage system.


The camera unit surveys the area and the findings are recorded and displayed on a monitor for review. From this, we are able to produce an in depth report and survey of your drains. Each report comes with a full copy of the recorded inspection with signposting to distance and issues.

Video File of CCTV Survey Included

Full Professional Survey Reports and Drawings

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